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Outlaw Kitty Rolling Pin for Bakers with Cattitude

Holy Meow! Now you can make Outlaw Kitty cookies to share with your cat loving friends! You'll have them purring!

Homemade sugar cookies and springerle cookies with Outlaw Kitty on top will have them purring. Outlaw Kitty will make grandma's peanut butter roll recipe the hit of the bake sale and a buttercream Outlaw Kitty embossed fondant will be the purrrfect topper to your cat lover friend's next birthday cake.

Even if you aren't a baker, this fun-loving rolling pin is a great kitchen decoration for any cat lover and makes a perfect gift for your crazy cat lady friends.

We love this rolling pin created especially for us by our friends at Sweet Rolling Pins. 

Remember, a portion of every sale goes to help animal welfare!

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