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Outlaw Kritters - Gifts & Jewelry for Animal Lovers with a Wild Side

There are lots of cute, cuddly animal inspired products on the market, but Outlaw Kritters big, bold designs celebrates the cool, edgy side of animal lovers. Let's face it, our little fluffy four-footed friends, winged two-footed kids, and those kritters that swim, splash and fly, still have a wild side, so why shouldn't you!

A portion of your purchase goes to animal welfare charities so you'll not only get to enjoy your new Outlaw Kritters accessory, but you'll be helping an animal in need!

Shop our collection of animal inspired products including key chains, belt buckles, necklaces and more.

Animal Inspiration

Inga Binyon of 4MyMeow and Her Kitty Zipper Pulls Help Kitties In Need

September 20, 2016

Kitty clip can be used as purse or zipper pull by Inga Binyon of 4MyMeowThis week's featured artist Inga Binyon, lives in Gualala, CA, which is a 100 miles north of San Francisco, right on the coast. Inga embraces her crazy cat lady by crafting fun and funky jewelry for your zippers and calls her creative company, "4MyMeow," which was born in 2015. In a true spirit of giving, a portion of every sale is donated to animal shelters. Here's Inga's story...


Animated Animal Illustrator Naomi Romero Loves Corgis

September 13, 2016

Corgi illustration by Naomi RomeroCorgi enthusiast, artist Naomi Romero loves drawing happy animals especially dogs. This talented lady has built her career creating children's illustration for mega names like Nick Jr,  Bark Box and ABC Mouse. One of her recent jobs involved creating characters for the upcoming featured film,
Blazing Samurai (2017). When not freelancing diligently for studios and agencies, she is flying about the country showing her work at comic cons. She is one busy, creative gal!