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Outlaw Kritters - Gifts & Jewelry for Animal Lovers with a Wild Side

There are lots of cute, cuddly animal inspired products on the market, but Outlaw Kritters big, bold designs celebrates the cool, edgy side of animal lovers. Let's face it, our little fluffy four-footed friends, winged two-footed kids, and those kritters that swim, splash and fly, still have a wild side, so why shouldn't you!

A portion of your purchase goes to animal welfare charities so you'll not only get to enjoy your new Outlaw Kritters accessory, but you'll be helping an animal in need! Shop Outlaw Kritters gifts and accessories for animal lovers- click here.

Shop our collection of animal inspired products including key chains, belt buckles, necklaces and more.

Animal Inspiration

Pet Portrait Sculptor Bonnie Kiefer Memorializes Beloved Pets

August 01, 2017

Pug Sculpture by Bonnie KieferWith a compassionate heart, Bonnie Kiefer has made it her purpose to memorialize beloved pets through her beautifully executed sculptures. Her lifelike miniatures are a tribute to those amazing furry friends that fill our lives with unconditional love. Read on to find out what drives this animal inspired pet-portrait artist to create her masterful works of art.
Delightful Animal Portraits with Personality by Christine De Carvalho

December 13, 2016

Scottish Fold Cat by Darling Lola DesignsCat Enthusiast Christine De Carvalho, also known as Miss Scarlett, is an accomplished illustrator and graphic designer who is also a beautiful hot-pink-haired pin-up model. She has two Etsy shops. Her shop, Darling Lola, focuses on cute anthropomorphic (animals having human characteristics) art. These delightful animal portraits are full of unique personalities with bows, funky eye glasses and funny hats. A second shop called Dirty Lola includes dinosaurs, bees and bugs and other edgy art. The two shops show her wide range of talents.