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Outlaw Kritters - Gifts & Jewelry for Animal Lovers with a Wild Side

There are lots of cute, cuddly animal inspired products on the market, but Outlaw Kritters big, bold designs celebrates the cool, edgy side of animal lovers. Let's face it, our little fluffy four-footed friends, winged two-footed kids, and those kritters that swim, splash and fly, still have a wild side, so why shouldn't you!

A portion of your purchase goes to animal welfare charities so you'll not only get to enjoy your new Outlaw Kritters accessory, but you'll be helping an animal in need! Shop Outlaw Kritters gifts and accessories for animal lovers- click here.

Shop our collection of animal inspired products including key chains, belt buckles, necklaces and more.

Animal Inspiration

Mini Masterpiece Pet Memorial Sculptures by Artist Joan Cabarrus

May 02, 2019

Dog with bagel by Pet sculptor Joan CabarrusHelping people heal from the loss of a dear pet, is the motivating force behind this ultra talented Colorado sculptor, Joan Cabarrus. Although Joan has only been creating these tiny masterpieces since February of 2018, her skill is that of someone who has been sculpting for decades. It all began when her husband gifted her sculpting supplies for Valentine's Day. Little did he know he'd ignite a new kind of love in her. She has been sculpting non stop since. Here's more of Joan's story.