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September 20, 2016


Inga Binyon of 4MyMeow and Her Kitty Zipper Pulls Help Kitties In Need

Owner of 4MyMeow Inga Binyon and son Cody

Inga with her son Cody

This week's featured artist Inga Binyon, lives in Gualala, CA, which is a 100 miles north of San Francisco, right on the coast. Inga embraces her crazy cat lady by crafting fun and funky jewelry for your zippers and calls her creative company, "4MyMeow," which was born in 2015. In a true spirit of giving, a portion of every sale is donated to animal shelters. Here's Inga's story...


 4MyMeow lampwork bead kitty zipper pulls


We have two little girls that rescued us last year. (Kali and JuJuBee) Shortly after bringing our first girl (Kali) home, I was asked to participate in a street fair that only wanted locally hand crafted items. The gal who asked me to participate worked with glass beads and gave me a catalog. The moment I discovered the Glass Cat Head beads I had a vision. My subsequent search for beads led me to realize my attraction to glass lamp work beads which are all pieces of art themselves. I started putting bead combinations together in my head and I couldn't wait to get my first shipment of beads.

My Kitty Zipper Pulls were originally designed to clip onto the zipper of your jacket, thus allowing the owner to show the world their love of all things kitty. However I have seen them on backpacks and I have several that hang from the zippers on my purse, they can be displayed as sun catchers, rear view mirror charms, or how about some new kitty ornaments for you Christmas tree? You can clip them anywhere you like!

I decided before my first show that I wanted to do a little rescuing back so I have donated 10% of every sale to four different cat shelters in Northern California. Had we not adopted Kali and JuJuBee this business would have never been born. My customers not only get a lovely little piece of cat inspired jewelry they get the satisfaction of knowing that their purchase created a donation to a very deserving cat shelter.

Both of my girls stories have their own page on my website.

Kali cat






"Graceful Kittys" designer Kitty zipper pulls created by Inga Binyon of 4MyMeow


 "Graceful Kitty" line of kitty zipper pulls

My favorite pieces of work are my Graceful Kitty line, which was my first "designer" line of Kitty Zipper Pulls. The bodies of all of these kittys feature Grace Lampwork Heart Beads. I have been told several times that they are true works of art and because Grace Lampwork beads are created one at a time by amazing bead designer Grace Ma in San Francisco, no two Graceful Kittys will ever be exactly alike, making each of them truly one of a kind!

 Kansas Kittys Zipper Pull line created by Inga Binyon of 4MyMeow


Since creating the Graceful Kitty line, I have also collaborated with a bead artist in Kansas who makes the cat heads one at a time by hand. She designed the Calico, Bengal, and Siamese cat heads just for me and I call this line Kansas Kittys.

 Donations made by 4MyMeow from every sale

We love our girls so very much. Two of the shelters we support with our donations are directly related to our girls adoptions. Purebreds Plus is the shelter that rescued them from the streets and Kitty Hill Foster Care is the woman that fosters hundreds of kitties every year, including both of our girls. Cat House on the Kings I began to follow shortly after bringing Kali home and it is amazing what they do for kitties every year. Last but not least Redwood Coast Humane Society is the shelter here in town and I felt that they too needed any support they could get.

 Kitty zipper pull design by Inga Binyon of 4MyMeow

When we adopted our girls we signed agreements that they would be indoor kitties only. The woman who fostered our girls actually runs a luxury kitty boarding facility in Santa Cruz, though more often than not she has more fosters than paying customers. She had these amazing catios, which inspired my husband (who has years of carpentry experience) to build our girls a catio of their own! As you can see Kali and JuJuBee got an amazing Cat Dad in the bargain as well!

 Kitty pull crafted by Inga Binyon of 4MyMeow

To see more of Inga's fun Graceful Kittys, check her out on the web at these locations:

Facebook: 4mymeow
Instagrams: 4mymeow_s_kahleesiandjujubee
It's purrrr time. See our Outlaw Kitty clock by clicking here.
outlaw Kitty clock by Outlaw Kritters
September 13, 2016


Animated Animal Illustrator Naomi Romero Loves Corgis

animal illustrator Naomi Romero Corgi enthusiast, artist Naomi Romero loves drawing happy animals especially dogs. This talented lady has built her career creating children's illustration for mega names like Nick Jr,  Bark Box and ABC Mouse. One of her recent jobs involved creating characters for the upcoming featured film, Blazing Samurai (2017). When not freelancing diligently for studios and agencies, she is flying about the country showing her work at comic cons. She is one busy, creative gal!


Corgi Colors by illustrator Naomi Romero

Corgi Colors

How do Animals inspire you? 

I grew up with having bad experiences with people and only positive experiences with animals. I would find myself gravitating towards a friend's family pet instead of meeting their family, haha! I have the idea that animals are generally good and I love drawing happy things. It is very easy for me to draw upbeat animals!


Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

What Medium do you work in?

For work and personal work, I mainly work digitally, using Photoshop and my Cintiq When I am away from the computer, I dabble in gouache, watercolor, and ink. It is fun experimenting and I am always trying to do new things!


Side Note: 
A Cintiq is a tablet and pen connected to a computer which artists can use to draw on similar to drawing on paper. The image is input into the computer while the artist draws on the tablet.


Artist Naomi Romero's dogs  Gravity and Noodle

Gravity and Noodle

Do you own pets?

LOTS! At the moment, I have four, with a fifth on on the way! I have two dogs, a corgi named Gravity and a Kai Ken (that is a Japanese breed of dog) named Noodle. I thank them for my inspiration! I also own an amazing cat named Lucas and a ball python named Newton. The fifth animal is coming in September! :) Life can be a bit chaotic with animals but I couldn't imagine life any other way. I love each and every one and I am grateful to have them in my life.


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

That's easy! I would say a dog. Although people assume all dogs are tail wagging and ready to meet and greet anybody, people forgot that some would rather be left to their own devices and watch from afar. I am that dog. Dogs are good. Dogs are cute! Most importantly, dogs don't judge like people do.

 Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

What are 3 of your favorite animal inspired movie?

Balto was a huge film for me growing up. I would watch it over and over, always asking my mom to find me the plush toys! It was a beautifully animated movie that inspired me to become an artist. Read about the movie: click here.


All Dogs Go to Heaven was also huge for me since it was a darker film which really intrigued me as a child. I loved Charlie and how he changed so much in order to help Anne Marie. Read about the movie: click here.


Cats Don't Dance always left in awe whenever I saw it and I loved the songs! It was one of the most amazingly animated films I have seen!

Read about the movie: click here.

 Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

What are 3 of your favorite famous animals?

I am a huge fan of dogs in history. Belka and Strelka, Hachiko,and Balto always fascinated and inspired me. They were all brave dogs who did something good for the world, whether it was being extremely loyal to his master or going off to space and braving the unknown. My twin sister and I even commemorated Belka and Strelka by having them tattooed on our arms. They are constant reminders of these brave dogs. I would love Hachiko and Balto tattooed on my body as well.


Side Note: In 1960, Belka & Strelka were on the Soviet Union's Sputnick 5.The were the first dogs to go to space and return home alive and well. They were instrumental in building confidence to send man into space. 


During a diphtheria outbreak in 1925, Balto led a sled team of dogs through a blizzard to deliver healing serum to Nome, Alaska.


Hachiko, a Japanese dog, was well known for his loyalty waiting every day at the train station for him to come home. After his master died, he continued every day for nine years to wait at the station until he too passed on to hopefully meet up with his master once again.

 Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

Discover more of Naomi's work online at:


Etsy shop: Yowulf

twitter @naomiromeroart

tumblr yowulf

Facebook @naomiromeroart

Instragram @yowulf

If you're in Los Angeles, be sure to check out Gallery Nucleus! They usually have my plush toys in stock.


September 06, 2016

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Cat Art for Kitty Causes by Leslie Cobb

Artist Leslie CobbArtist Leslie Cobb should be called the patron art-saint of kitty causes because of her devotion and passion to help sick and aging cats that others have cast aside. Not only has she created a home for many of these forlorn kitties, but also donates a portion of her art sales to those cats in need. Her fun loving paintings of cats and their crazy antics have been seen in galleries, art shows and on book covers.


"Mad About Saffron" copyright Leslie Cobb 2013

"Mad About Saffron" copyright Leslie Cobb 2013

How do animals inspire your artwork?

I began painting after losing my 19-year-old one-eyed cat Esmeralda. It started off as a way to honor her memory and manage my grief over her loss. I’ve been painting cats ever since! Initially it was just my own cats or those I made up from my imagination, but since 2009 I’ve been focusing on real cats at sanctuaries, shelters or rescue groups, especially cats with special needs or compelling stories.

What medium do you work in?

Acrylic paint

"Someone to Watch Over Me" copyright Leslie Cobb 2010
"Someone to Watch Over Me" copyright Leslie Cobb 2010

Do you own any pets?

I’ve always had cats. Right now I have 7: Tallulah Jane is 13, and I’ve had her since she was a tiny sick kitten handed to me at an art fair in 2003. Riley, the only boy, is 12, and I adopted him from a rescue group in 2004. Annabel, who is now 11, is Tallulah’s best friend, and I adopted her from a local shelter in 2005. Genevieve is 9 and she started out as a foster for a local rescue; I adopted her in 2007 after just a few months of fostering. Vivian, my old lady at age 19, was adopted from a shelter when she was 12. Saffron is the baby of the family at 3 1/2, and she was adopted from a shelter in 2012 when she was just 6 weeks old. My newest family member is 16-year-old Gladys, adopted from a local rescue group last year. I just lost two of my boys 9 days apart in July. Both of them, Rex and Shiloh, were 15.

How long have you been creating art?

I loved art in high school and took some life drawing classes at a community college; I also made hand-painted clay jewelry for a few years. But I didn’t start painting on canvas until 1998.

"Mine" copyright Leslie Cobb 2014
"Mine" copyright Leslie Cobb 2014

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created?

This changes continuously! Right now I’m very excited about a painting I haven’t done yet; I’ve been working up some initial sketches. My kitty Tallulah Jane was my “art assistant” for many years, coming to my shows and hanging out in a comfy bed on my table while greeting customers. I always sold more when she was with me. But she stopped enjoying it a few years ago so I let her retire. My painting will be a tribute to her role at my art fairs. I’ve done paintings of her before but none I was completely satisfied with. She’s my kitty soulmate.

"Don't Stop Believing" copyright Leslie Cobb 2015

"Don't Stop Believing" copyright Leslie Cobb 2015

What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?

I volunteer annually at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT, and I did an 18-painting series based on the sanctuary. $5 from the sale of prints from those paintings is donated to them. I also support other groups by creating paintings based on their work and donating a portion of my proceeds: Shadow Cats in Round Rock, TX; Little Woman Home for Animals in Huntsville, TX; Tabby’s Place in Ringoes, NJ; Cat Town in Oakland, CA; Brighthaven in Santa Rosa, CA; Tenth Life Foundation in San Francisco, CA; West Milford Animal Shelter in West Milford, NJ; and Alameda Animal Shelter in Alameda, CA. I’ve also volunteered a few times at the Cat Town Café and Adoption Center.

"First Date" copyright Leslie Cobb 2016

"First Date" copyright Leslie Cobb 2016

Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

I love using my art to bring attention to cats who might otherwise be overlooked. Most of the cats I’ve adopted over the last 15 years have been considered “unadoptable” by some people. Tallulah Jane was barely clinging to life due to a severe upper respiratory infection. Vivian was a senior who was fear-aggressive toward other cats and required 10 months of desensitization and counter-conditioning. Gladys is deaf, and she has hyperthyroidism and a heart condition. Annabel and Genevieve have damaged eyes from infections when they were tiny kittens. Saffron’s pelvis was broken in two places when I adopted her. By painting them and others like them, and including their stories on the back of the paintings and prints, I’m hoping to open people’s minds to considering cats who are older or shy, who have chronic health issues, or who have some physical imperfections. The fact that selling prints of my art also raises money for the groups that care for these special cats is a plus!


You can reach Leslie online at the following locations:


Facebook: Cat Art by Leslie Cobb


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August 30, 2016


Sally Barlow's Animal Art Inspires The Soul

Artist Sally Barlow is Inspired by Animals 

This week's featured artist, Sally Barlow, takes to heart a quote from the famous painter Picasso ~  "Art washes from the soul the dust of everyday life."  Her work is not only inspired by animals, but also seeks to fill the soul and renew it through the wonder and awe found in the natural world. She uses a vast rainbow of colors provided by nature to infuse a realistic, yet colorful point of view into her beautiful paintings of the animal kingdom.

Baby Owlet by artist Sally Barlow- “Fluffernutter"


Animals Inspire My Work because...

I have always been drawn to birds because they represent freedom to me. It was this initial, natural love of birds that inspired my first animal artworks . . . inspired by the quirkiness of owls, the beauty of the stunning peacock, and the majestic soaring of a sparrow. I never set out to be an animal artist, but I create what MOVES me, which continues to be the awe-inspiring characteristics of animals.Whether it be an adorably fuzzy owl or the mighty buffalo, animals are captivating!

How I create my art...

Digital mixed media is the best way to describe my is a combination of graphic art, hand illustration, painting and photography that I combine digitally in Photoshop. Sometimes I begin with a pen & ink illustration, other times a painting or photograph and layer by layer, I create artwork with depth and intricacy.

Sally Barlow artist work in progress

Original watercolor on left & digital version on right

My pets...

I have always had a deep love for pets, especially cats. I collected cat figurines and wallpapered my room in cat posters when I was a child (I even had a “cat book” that was filled with magazine cutouts of every kind of cat you can imagine!) There have also been a few dogs that have stole my heart over the years, especially my basset hound, Wobley.

Right now our only pets are brother and sister cats that we adopted at 5 weeks old after their mom died in an accident. Nova is a seal point Siamese and Sparx is a flame point Siamese and they have a family of 6 that adores them! (Even my husband has a soft spot for them even though he is definitely a dog person!)

Peacock by artist Sally Barlow - "Radiance"

I have been creating art since...

Since I was a young child, art has always been a passion, an outlet, and an expression for me. I have been a graphic designer for 15 years, and about 3 years ago I ventured into the art world on a whole new level, combining my “profession” with my passion.

My Favorite Piece of Artwork is...

The LION from my “Garden in the Wild” Series. The idea of this series is to combine the natural beauty of the garden with the intense beauty of animals . . . the lion is a striking piece that captures the essence of colliding those two worlds—power and beauty and grace all woven together.

Garden of the Wild - LION artwork by Sally Barlow
Garden of the Wild Series — LION

My favorite movies inspired by animals are... 

The original Charlotte’s Web, Lion King, The Horse Whisperer

Two words that describe my feelings toward animals...

Awe & Wonder

Custom Dog Pet Portrait  "Triumph" by Sally Barlow
Triumph - born with only three legs - he never let that stop him.

Something New I'm Up To...

Something new that I have started is creating custom pet portraits. My mom recently lost her dog of 13 years and I wanted to create something for her in his memory and it sparked a heart-warming and rewarding new side to my businesses! I use a technique that I call “digital oil painting” where the final product looks like an oil painting but it is all “painted” digitally. I know how important our furry family members are and I love to be able create something so personal and meaningful for someone.

Custom Dog Pet Portrait by Sally Barlow- Max- Inspired Me to do Pet Portraits

 Max - the dog that inspired me to do pet portraits.

You can find more of my work here:



Etsy: makaiodesign

Instagram: @makaiodesign

Facebook: MakaioDesign



Outlaw Kritters  has cool key chains for every day!

Outlaw Octopus Key Chain crafted by Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw KrittersFishbone Key Chain Handmade by artist Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw KrittersWisecracker the Outlaw Owl key chain by Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw KrittersOutlaw Kitty Metal Key Chain by Artist Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw Kritters

    August 23, 2016


    Happy Cat Art by Adriana Gásperi of Gatos Ilimitados

    Artist Adriana Gásperi  of Gatos Ilimitado and her Black Cat


    Need a pick-me-up? You've come to the right place. The cat paintings of Adriana Gásperi are so bright and fun it puts a smile on my face every time I see them. The fact that the focus is on the crazy antics of cats, puts an even bigger smile on my face and a little bounce to my step. I hope you feel the same as you learn more about Adriana and her colorful cats.

    Adriana has named her company Gatos Ilimitados which, according to Adriana, means,

    "cats unlimited" because they do not know boundaries or limits, they can jump really high, land on their four paws, hide into really small spaces, run really fast, hunt, they are flexible, speak human and cat, are extremely intelligent doing their cat stuff, and are unlimited in beauty.

    Wow! All that in a name, how could she go wrong?! Sounds like she hit the bountiful kitty jackpot with that name. Let's find out more about Adriana.

    "here's johnny" by Adriana Gásperi - Painting of Orange Cat & Gray Mouse

    here's johnny

    How long have you been creating art?

    Since I was a kid, but professionally since 1998.


    "proteccion" cat painting by Adriana Gásperi


    How Do You Create Your Art?

    Acrylic painting on canvas mostly, but now I started experimenting on different surfaces like old purses, shoes, pillows, which will be available for sale as one of a kind hand -painted items, all vegan materials.


    Artist Adriana Gásperi  of Gatos Ilimitado and her cats

     Adriana and her NINE cats

    Ok, Fess up, How Many Cats Own You?

    I now have nine cats from 17 years old, our senior, to 7 months old, most of them adopted and rescued. I say hello to all of them individually. They have my attention when they need to talk about their life or if they have an issue with one of their roomies. They usually hang around my art studio and they like jazz, Brazilian, Buddha Bar and Baroque music.


    "canteloope" cat painting of two dancing cats by Adriana Gásperi  of Gatos Ilimitado


    How Do Cats Inspire Your Artwork?

    Cats inspire me every day - they are beautiful, witty and funny. I not only paint cats as subjects, I go further and create a story and try to express it on my paintings.


    "gato-en-lavamanos" painting of black cat in sink by Adriana Gásperi  of Gatos Ilimitadoby Adriana Gasperi


    If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

    A cat, I am very independent, I don’t like loud noises, I like to sleep, it would be great to jump on top of a roof and feel the wind at night and I don’t like to be bossed around.


    "catnip" painting of cat on a catnip high by Adriana Gásperi of Gatos Ilimitado


    What Words Describe Your Feelings About Animals?

    I am a vegan artist, all animals deserve compassion, respect, love and freedom.


    "princess" cat Painting of cat dining  by Adriana Gásperi of Gatos Ilimitado


    What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?

    In Venezuela I am involved with Voluntarios por Los Animales (Animal Volunteers) and Huellas Pet Center. I give part of my proceedings and donate two paintings a year to be auctioned or raffled. In Vienna, Austria, I collaborated with Social Cat Work for a coloring book. Currently, I am creating a painting for Hannah Shaw, Kitten X Lady, to be auctioned for her wonderful project. Also, I just became part of the non-profit organization, “The Art of Compassion Project,” which shares art to promote veganism all over the world.


    "gatos-silla-roja" cat painting of cats lounging in a chair by Adriana Gásperi of Gatos Ilimitado


    Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

    My cats (paintings) have found their humans in Venezuela, Brazil, Austria, Spain, France and United States. I participated at the Cat Art Show Los Angeles 2016, Tokyo International Art Fair 2016, invited to Bologna Italy for the “Little Treasures” exhibition in November 2016, besides permanent exhibitions at local galleries.


    "viva la catnip" cat painting of cat on catnip  by Adriana Gásperi of Gatos Ilimitado

    viva la catnip

    Need to see more of Adriana's Colorful Cats? You can find her on the web at the following places:


    Instagram: @gatosilimitados

    Twitter: @gatosilimitados

    Facebook: Adriana Gasperi Gatos Ilimitados

    Pinterest: gatosilimitados



    Visit our Outlaw Kitty page to see some of our Outlaw Kitty creations.

    Just click on the image to find out more.

    Outlaw Kitty Metal Necklace by artist Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw Kritters Outlaw Kitty Metal Key Chain by Artist Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw Kritters

    Outlaw Kitty handmade belt buckle for cat lovers by Jon WATTO Watson of Outlaw Kritters Outlaw Kitty rusted metal Christmas ornament for cat lovers created by Jon WATTO Watson of Outlaw Kritter

    August 16, 2016


    Illustrator Caley Hicks and Her Animated Cats

    illustrator Caley Hicks

    Caley shown with cat star "Lil' Bub"

    Florida illustrator Caley Hicks creates whimsical, animated cats and critters. Her day job is working for Walt Disney co., but during off hours she has a flair for creating her own wonderful charcters. In her own words, she is a "Graphic designer & Illustrator working for the mouse by day and drawing cats by night." 

    How do animals inspire your artwork?

    I'm naturally drawn to any and all things that are considered cute. And in my eyes animals are really as cute as it gets!  It brings me so much joy find new and interesting ways to illustrate little critters (especially cats).

    ReindeerCats Illustration by Caley Hicks

    Reindeer Cats

    What medium do you work in?

    Mostly digital. I'll always start with a rough sketch by hand and then finish the piece in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. 

    I Heart Cats Tee by Caley Hicks

    I Heart Cats Tee by Caley Hicks
    I Heart Cats

    Do you own any pets?

    Yes! I have four little kitties. Butters, Kitten McNugget, Mu and Beans. Butters is the friendliest cat I've ever known. He falls in love with everyone he meets. Kitten McNugget is a badass, tough little girl. Mu is a little ninja. She'll sneak up on you. And Beans (the youngest) is just spoiled rotten. My friends and family lovingly call me a "cat lady". I'm ok with it though. I've accepted and embraced the title.


    Caley Hicks cats Butter and Bean
    Butters & Bean

    Artist Caley Hicks cat Mu


    Artist Caley Hicks cat Nugget


    How long have you been creating art?

    As long as I can remember. I grew up in an extremely creative family. My mom was an artist and my dad was a musician. So being creative came pretty naturally to me.

    Cat Nesting Dolls by Caley Hicks

    Cat Nesting Dolls

    What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

    My most recent piece named El Gato. I loved the idea of illustrating ornate Day of the Dead style embellishments over a sweet cat face. The perfect mixture of sweet and spooky!

    El GatoTee - Illustration of Cat by Caley Hicks


    El Gato - Illustration of Cat by Caley Hicks

    El Gato

    What are 3 of your favorite famous animal characters?

    Simba (from Disney’s The Lion King
    Philippe (Belle’s horse from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast)
    Bagheera (from Disney’s The Jungle Book)

    Otter illustration by Caley Hicks

    Want to learn more about Caley? You can find her online in the following locations:

    Instagram - #thechicks914
    Twitter - #chicks914



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    August 09, 2016


    Cat Portrait Artist Laura Kicey and Her Inspiration Olive And Rye

    Meet Laura Kicey and her two cats Olive and Rye.

    Laura Kicey and her two cats and inspiration for her cat art company Olive & Rye Cat Art

    It appears that these three ladies have become quite famous in the cat world. With over 92K followers on Instagram at the time of this post, @Oliveandrye are causing quite the stir. Their humom, Laura Kicey is too. She's become a favorite among the Instagram cat community for creating graphic portraits of favorite felines in fanciful settings. Not to mention big name retailers such as Urban Outfitters and Architectural Digest who have licensed her work. Keep your eye out for this fun feline loving gal's work which can be found on mugs, bags, pillows and more. If you want your own original Laura Kicey cat portrait, check out the links at the bottom of the page to get your booked.

    How do animals inspire your artwork?

    My entire life, I have always been an art maker on some level. As a child I drew birds constantly. As an adult, when I got back into photography, I actually mostly avoided photographing my then-cat Maggie for fear I would be seen as a crazy cat lady. When my boyfriend and I adopted Olive and Rye, I set up a separate Instagram account for them and just wanted to make a little avatar drawing for their profile. As I got more involved in the COI community, I started doing cat portraits for friends, making themed art for the holidays, as well as holding giveaways which lead to my opening up my Etsy shop in January 2015 to sell custom portraits and other items with my other cat art printed on them. Being able to look at photos of cats all day, which is something I enjoy anyway, learn about their personalities and inject that imagery with my own creative flourish is basically the best job ever in my estimation. They are beautiful, expressive creatures and I love capturing that.

     portrait of IG user @seniorscrappy by cat artist Laura Kicey of Olive and Rye Cats

    portrait of kitty on Instagram @seniorscrappy

    What medium do you work in?

    I draw in Adobe Illustrator with a Wacom tablet and stylus, so it is all digital – vectors!

    Do you own any pets?

    I have almost always had a cat throughout my entire life. Several times I drew my cat, Maggie, who I adopted after graduating from college and she was with me for 14 years. I adopted another cat, Hazel, when Maggie passed, but Hazel had cancer and passed away only six months later. 

    We adopted Olive and Rye, our current cats and constant joy and inspiration, two years ago on August 23, 2014. We adopted them through Philly PAWS shelter in Philadelphia. Though unrelated and not previously introduced, we brought them home together and they have adopted each other as loving sisters. 

    Olive is the slightly older (around 3yo) green-eyed calico and Rye is the slightly younger (2yo) golden-eyed tortie. Though Olive is older she is completely inept at being a cat – she is really bad at jumping and generally maneuvering, she doesn’t ever really meow at all. That said, she is hilariously unpredictable and a complete sweetheart, if still a bit shy, and learning all sorts of things from Rye every day. When we first brought her home, she seemed traumatized from life in the shelter, on the streets and having had a stillborn litter after her rescue. It took her more than a year to blossom really, but she has made an awesome transformation into a much more confident kitty. 

    Rye is precocious, mischievous, and extremely talkative. She loves to be held, snuggled and  near people constantly. She is a skilled, but gentle hunter and compared to Olive, relatively normal for a cat and well-adjusted. 

    Gatos dia de los muertos illustration by artists Laura Kicey of Olive and Rye.

    gatos dia de los muertos

    What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created?

    When I first got back into drawing (and drawing cats, specifically), I recall looking at Olive one night, with her pupils quite dilated and her black nose, I realized that she looked like a skull and I was immediately moved to make a cat-themed Dia de los Muertos drawing, which was especially appropriate given that I had too-recently lost two beloved cats. I think it will always be a favorite and it is still one of my more popular designs, I think because it is very colorful and the theme of loss of a pet resonates for a lot of people.


    Kitten Bouquet by cat illustrator Laura Kicey of Olive and Rye Cats

    Kitten Bouquet

    What are 3 of your favorite animal inspired songs?

    The Cure’s “Love Cats”
    Tom Jones’ “What’s New Pussy Cat” 
    Squeeze’s “Cool For Cats”

    What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?

    Since we adopted the girls from Philly PAWS, I have been regularly donating a portion of proceeds from my shop to them. I also am involved with Kawaii Kitty Café in Philadelphia who partnered with PAWS to provide adoptable cats – I created a series of Naughty Cat art pieces for their café and also sell my work on consignment there, which helps take care of the cats. I have also donated artwork to @mycatkyle’s initiative to help victims of Domestic Violence as well as their pets.


    Portrait of  IG @samsam_ferdinand by cat illustrator Laura Kicey of Olive and Rye Cats

    portrait of kitty on Instagram @samsam_ferdinand

    Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

    A couple years ago, during the harrowing year I lost two cats and a dear friend in a six month period, I was at said friend’s funeral. She was Ukrainian (as am I, partially) and much of her family speaks the language still. My last name, Kicey (rhymes with spicy), I only knew to be Americanized Ukrainian, from the original Kytsy (kitt-see). So I asked someone at the memorial if they knew how to spell that surname in Cyrillic letters, and someone obliged and also offered that the name – Киці –  actually means “kitty”. I am actually descended from cat people.

     portrait of Instagram kitty @fatchocolatecat by Laura Kicey of Olive And Rye Cats

    portrait of kitty on Instagram @fatchocolatecat

    You can find out more about Laura at the following online locations:


    Esty shop-OliveAndRyeCats  - Some items are currently on sale in her Etsy shop!

    Facebook: OliveandRyeCats


    IG/Twitter/Snapchat: @oliveandrye 



    Crazy for Cats? Check out our Outlaw Kitty Key chains.

    Click on images to find out more information.

    Outlaw Kitty Metal Key Chain by Artist Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw KrittersOutlaw Kitty Metal Key Chain by Artist Jon WATTO Watson for Outlaw Kritters

    August 02, 2016

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    Cool Cat Lady Stacey Young Creates Cat Paintings for the Modern World

    Stacey Young of For MewSelf-proclaimed "Cat Lady," Stacey Young is all about cats. Not only is she a self-taught artist who specializes in cool somewhat abstract cat paintings perfect for urban dwellers, but she also owns a company For Mew where she sells artisan cat toys made with organic catnip and vegan materials. She is also an animal advocate with a portion of the proceeds going to where else, but cats in need, of course!









    Sammy and Stacey


    Cat Lady by Stacey Young
    Cat Lady

    How do animals inspire your artwork?

    Completely. Cats are my muses, and I love creating textures and layering colors to express their spirit, grace, and whimsy.



    Mischa sleeping on my painting table...
    Mischa sleeping at my painting table...

    What medium do you work in?

    Acrylic on canvas and paint mostly with plain o’kitchen sponges, and some odd and end tools for texture.


    Jumping cat by Stacey Young

    Jumping Cat

    Do you own any pets and if so, tell us about them?

    I am owned by two cats, Mischa and Sammy. Mischa is a big beautiful fluff with lots of sass and just as much sweetness. Sammy is a just the sweetest little man who adores snuggles and tolerates dress days. Both love being near when I paint. Mischa helps by selecting the cat image I am going to use. I hold up some paper images and she bites the one she prefers. She only bites one. Sammy requires to be near me almost all the time, so while I paint he is often in his window seat watching, sleeping and inspiring me with his adorableness. Both are rescues and have in returned rescued me. They are my everything.

    Mischa being all muse like... ` Artist Stacey Young

    Mischa being all muse like...

    How long have you been creating art?

    Thanks to my mother, who is also an artist, my siblings and I have been inspired to indulge in our creative sides all our lives. It took me some time to find my medium. I love painting overall, and also enjoy a bit of unprofessional photography. :)

    Bubbles by Stacey Young


    If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

    A Cat… because they do what they want with no concern of what people think. They are badass! And I am not so much.

    What word or words describes your feelings toward animals?



    Cat ball by Stacey Young

    Cat ball

    What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?

    I work with many groups but my chosen at this time is The Nevada Humane Society. They are a group of people that are unwavering in being a voice for the voiceless. It is also were I adopted Sammy.


    Yellow Kitten by Stacey Young


    Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

    I am a total pushover when it comes to animals. I do what I can in my own way… advocating, being vegan, and through my cat toy business For Mew and my art, I am able to donate from my sales to help cats down on their luck. These are things that make me very happy.  

    Also, I will create a portraits of your kitty "in my style". A gift for the cat person in your life, a baby shower gift for a newly adopted cat, a memorial for your beloved kitty or just because your cat is awesome! Available in 16" x 20" canvas. Contact me at my Etsy shop for more details. Click here:

    Green Jumping Cat by Stacey Young


    Want to see more of Stacey's work? Visit her at the following online locations:


    Etsy shop for cat toys:ForMewShop

    Facebook: For-Mew-The-Art-Of-Stacey-Young

    Instagram: formewtoys

    Website for cat toys:

    July 26, 2016


    Eric & Angelica Create A Pop Art Cat Culture With Cheese & Olive



    Eric and Angelica are an uber-talented couple who combine their passions of photography, art and cats into art for everyday. Their famous cats Cheese&Olive (over 43K instagram followers) are their inspiration for their artwork as well as their company name.

    Eric & Angelica of Cheese & Olive

    "We combine imagination, pop culture, humor and cute cats with huge personalities into clothing, home decor, and accessories!"

    Their designs are out of this world. Take a peek...

    Cheese & Olive Cat Photo

    How do animals inspire your artwork?

    All our designs are based off of our own cats and made from photos we have taken of them. Their personalities mixed with our imagination is what makes them.


    GeishaCat by Cheese & Olive


    What medium do you work in?

    Photography & Photoshop

    OliveSundae by Cheese & Olive


    Do you own or have you owned any pets?

    Cheese & Olive are our two Abyssinian Brother and Sister cats from Sweden- captures them and their personalities. Cheese was the Alpha male in the litter. Bigger, Confident, and very very affectionate. He can sit in your arms for hours and has to always be close by and follow you. Olive was the little tiny runt weighing 4 pounds full grown. She is shy, quieter, and very careful. She has a priceless personality.

    Cheese & Olive

    If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

    "Olive, so I could be a famous meowdel and all I have to do is sleep and cuddle. Cheese all day while being naturally cute :D"- Angleica 

     Samurai Cat by Cheese & Olive

    "Samurai Cat"

    What word or words describes your feelings toward animals?

    "Love and treat them like your human family."- Eric

    SpaceOlive by Cheese & Olive


    What animal welfare groups are you involved with?

    spcaLA (


    AstroCat by Cheese & Olive


    You can find Olive & Cheese creations here:

    instagram: cheeseandolive
    twitter: cheeseandolive
    You Tube:

    July 19, 2016


    Artist Dailen Ogden Shares Her Magical World of Werewolves and Goddesses

    Dailen Ogden self portrait

    Self Portrait


    Artist Dailen Ogden's richly creative spirit weaves her love of character and costume design with her passion for storytelling, into a magical and somewhat dark fantasy world where crows have three eyes and a goddess races through the night with werewolves. She references historical legends and pulls inspiration from Art Deco. Dailen's love of animals is shown in the strong presence they hold among their human counterparts in her illustrations.

    How do animals inspire your artwork?

    I’ve loved animals since I was a kid, and my interest in canines and horses got me started drawing when I was very young. Nowadays, I find them compelling, intense subjects, and I love to incorporate them into every piece I possibly can. They go along well with my other big inspirations—history and mythology.

     Mononoke Hime by Dalien Ogden

    Mononoke Hime

    What medium do you work in?

    Professionally, I spend a lot of time using Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, and Clip Studio Paint—all digital programs that I find all have different things to offer. On my own time, I love ink, watercolor, and gouache recently, but I was actually a fine artist specializing in acrylics and oils before I got into illustration.


    Three Eyed Crow by Dalien Ogden

    Three Eyed Crow

    Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

    I’ve had family pets all my life growing up, but just last year was when I finally adopted my own dog for the first time. He’s a German Shepherd/Border Collie mix, and his name is Bubba. I absolutely love him to pieces—he’s my friendly couch potato and working as an artist means I get to stay home with him all day. He’s the sweetest, gentlest dog I’ve ever owned, and watching his silly antics gives me plenty of material for quick practice comics.

    All Bite No Bark by Dalien Ogden

    All Bite No Bark

    How long have you been creating art?

    I’ve been creating art for longer than I can remember. I think I picked up a marker as a kid and just never stopped—to hear my parents tell it, I’ve been drawing on everything I could get my hands on (including myself) since I could hold a pencil. It’s one of those lifelong things for me, that one thing that I’ll put my 10,000 hours into without even noticing.

    Purrarium by Dalien Ogden


    What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

    This is a hard one. I know a lot of people describe their pieces like their children; they love them all equally, et cetera, and so on. But for me, my drawings are more like old boyfriends—most of the time, when I’m done with one, I don’t really want to see it anymore, haha. That said, it’s a feeling that’s faded a little in the last few years, as I’m finally finding an art style and process that feels like it fits with what I see in my head. Lately I’m still very fond of my Werewolf Goddess, even if there are a few minor tweaks I could stand to make to it.

     Werewolf Goddess by Dalien Ogden

    Werewolf Goddess


    You can find more of Dailen's work by visiting her at the following places:



    Twitter: @dailenogden

    Instagram: @dailendailen