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September 13, 2016


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Animated Animal Illustrator Naomi Romero Loves Corgis

animal illustrator Naomi Romero Corgi enthusiast, artist Naomi Romero loves drawing happy animals especially dogs. This talented lady has built her career creating children's illustration for mega names like Nick Jr,  Bark Box and ABC Mouse. One of her recent jobs involved creating characters for the upcoming featured film, Blazing Samurai (2017). When not freelancing diligently for studios and agencies, she is flying about the country showing her work at comic cons. She is one busy, creative gal!


Corgi Colors by illustrator Naomi Romero

Corgi Colors

How do Animals inspire you? 

I grew up with having bad experiences with people and only positive experiences with animals. I would find myself gravitating towards a friend's family pet instead of meeting their family, haha! I have the idea that animals are generally good and I love drawing happy things. It is very easy for me to draw upbeat animals!


Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

What Medium do you work in?

For work and personal work, I mainly work digitally, using Photoshop and my Cintiq When I am away from the computer, I dabble in gouache, watercolor, and ink. It is fun experimenting and I am always trying to do new things!


Side Note: 
A Cintiq is a tablet and pen connected to a computer which artists can use to draw on similar to drawing on paper. The image is input into the computer while the artist draws on the tablet.


Artist Naomi Romero's dogs  Gravity and Noodle

Gravity and Noodle

Do you own pets?

LOTS! At the moment, I have four, with a fifth on on the way! I have two dogs, a corgi named Gravity and a Kai Ken (that is a Japanese breed of dog) named Noodle. I thank them for my inspiration! I also own an amazing cat named Lucas and a ball python named Newton. The fifth animal is coming in September! :) Life can be a bit chaotic with animals but I couldn't imagine life any other way. I love each and every one and I am grateful to have them in my life.


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?

That's easy! I would say a dog. Although people assume all dogs are tail wagging and ready to meet and greet anybody, people forgot that some would rather be left to their own devices and watch from afar. I am that dog. Dogs are good. Dogs are cute! Most importantly, dogs don't judge like people do.

 Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

What are 3 of your favorite animal inspired movie?

Balto was a huge film for me growing up. I would watch it over and over, always asking my mom to find me the plush toys! It was a beautifully animated movie that inspired me to become an artist. Read about the movie: click here.


All Dogs Go to Heaven was also huge for me since it was a darker film which really intrigued me as a child. I loved Charlie and how he changed so much in order to help Anne Marie. Read about the movie: click here.


Cats Don't Dance always left in awe whenever I saw it and I loved the songs! It was one of the most amazingly animated films I have seen!

Read about the movie: click here.

 Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

What are 3 of your favorite famous animals?

I am a huge fan of dogs in history. Belka and Strelka, Hachiko,and Balto always fascinated and inspired me. They were all brave dogs who did something good for the world, whether it was being extremely loyal to his master or going off to space and braving the unknown. My twin sister and I even commemorated Belka and Strelka by having them tattooed on our arms. They are constant reminders of these brave dogs. I would love Hachiko and Balto tattooed on my body as well.


Side Note: In 1960, Belka & Strelka were on the Soviet Union's Sputnick 5.The were the first dogs to go to space and return home alive and well. They were instrumental in building confidence to send man into space. 


During a diphtheria outbreak in 1925, Balto led a sled team of dogs through a blizzard to deliver healing serum to Nome, Alaska.


Hachiko, a Japanese dog, was well known for his loyalty waiting every day at the train station for him to come home. After his master died, he continued every day for nine years to wait at the station until he too passed on to hopefully meet up with his master once again.

 Dog illustration by Naomi Romero

Discover more of Naomi's work online at:


Etsy shop: Yowulf

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If you're in Los Angeles, be sure to check out Gallery Nucleus! They usually have my plush toys in stock.


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