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August 09, 2015


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Jeff Haynie Creator of Whimsical Cat Art

All you cat lovers will be purring over this week's interview with Jeff Haynie and his amazing cat illustrations. He combines a detailed storybook style illustration with fantasy and his own "childlike wonder," to create magical and masterful works of art. Let's meet Jeff...


How do animals inspire your artwork?

I have 5 cats that are my babies and inspiration. Their daily interactions give me ideas for my paintings.


Incatneato by Jeff Haynie



    What medium do you work in (watercolor, acrylic, digital, pottery, photography etc.)?

    I've been trained as a classical painter so I work with a variety of art mediums. For my traditional artwork, I use oil or acrylic on board or canvas. All of my work starts as a pencil drawing on bristol board. For my digital artwork, I use Photoshop and Maya 3d software. I also love to sculpt with polymer clay.


    The Queen by Jeff Haynie

    The Queen


    How long have you been creating art?

    Wow it's been over 30 years but I still feel like a kid.


    Captain Claw by Jeff Haynie

    Captain Claw


    Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

    Well of course. I can say my cats own me. We have 5 wonderful male rescue cats.

    • There is "Chunky" who is my CEO (Chief eating officer) of the studio. He is in charge of making sure everyone gets food at eating time especially himself.
    • Then there is "The Howard" our CSO (chief sleeping officer). He is a famous Facebook personality (visit him here). Howard is in charge of all naps.
    • Alphie is our black cat and DCO (Director of Covert operations) I can't talk about what he does but let's just say mice fear him.
    • Then there is "Grizzly". He is our CPO (chief play officer) who is in charge of playtime.
    • Last but not least is our old guy Pumpkin. He is our CHO (Chief hairball officer). Pumpkin makes sure everyone is happy and groomed. The downside is he barfs off major hair logs, but he is happy to take one for the team.


      Zombie Cats by Jeff Haynie

      Zombie Cats


      What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

      One of my favorite paintings is my "Steampunk cat daddy" painting. (get yours here). I love the steampunk style and the old victorian photos. It was fun to make a whimsical story about a cat with mechanical devices in a fantasy setting.


       Steampunk Cat Daddy by Jeff Haynie

      Steampunk Cat Daddy


      Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

      My background is illustration, art direction and game design. I'm most known for my painting and art direction on the "Mystery Case Files" series of hidden object / adventure games published by Big Fish Games. My work has been published by major corporations such as Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, EA Games, Blizzard/Activision, Big Fish Games, American Airlines, Texas Instruments, Pepsi-cola, Frito-lay and Bic pens.


      Reflections Jeff Haynie



      To see more of Jeff's work go here:
      twitter : @JeffHaynieArt


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