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July 26, 2015

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Annie Dunn - Digital Painter of Cats & Other Critters

We are very excited to share this week's blog with you featuring digital painter Annie Dunn of Chaos in Color. Annie lives in Phoenix, Arizona so we have participated in numerous shows with her and are a big fan of her work. Plus, she's a fan of Outlaw Kitty and you will find her wearing Outlaw Kitty at all the shows. She even included Outlaw Kitty in one of her paintings. How cool is that? And, now, heeeeeeeer's Annie!!!


Annie Dunn of Chaos in Color

Check out Annie in her Outlaw Kitty necklace! 

Purrberus by Annie Dunn of Choas in Color


How do animals inspire your artwork?

I create paintings of colorful creatures, from cute to macabre but mostly just odd. Roughly half of my paintings feature cats and most of the others include animals or cute little animal inspired creatures of some kind. Skeletons and sugar skull animals also appear frequently in my work.

six feet under by Annie Dunn of Chaos in Color

six feet under


What medium do you work in (watercolor, acrylic, digital, pottery, photography etc.)?

I'm a digital painter, which means that I paint freehand using a tablet and stylus connected to a workstation. My larger pieces take on average about three weeks to complete because my painting style is very precise and I put a lot of thought in to the color and lighting. I'm a specialist at heart, I prefer to work towards mastery of one medium, so even though I draw with charcoal, ink, or whatever else I can find, all of my finished works are digital paintings.



How long have you been creating art?

I've been painting since 2003 and drawing or doodling for as long as I can remember. I started painting because my husband, John, bought me a Wacom tablet as a gift. I had done plenty of computer art before then, but using a pressure sensitive stylus to paint really changed my perception about what I could do.

noche del pinguino

noche del pinguino

Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

Oh yes. For my entire adult life we've had multiple cats. My clothes aren't complete without a multicolored layer of cat hair. I have a particular weakness for gray and white cow cats because my very first cat was gray and white. We've also always had at least one dog, but even when there were multiple dogs the poor dears have always been outnumbered by the cats.

learn to love the dark

learn to love the dark

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

I get asked that question a lot and have never been able to really narrow it down. I can tell you what's hanging on my walls though. I kept my very first canvas which features a black cat sitting in a forest of autumn trees. The painting is based on my rescue cat Raven. Most of the pieces I keep have personal meaning because they are autobiographical in some way.

grimaldi by Annie Dunn of Chaos in Color


Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

The sale of my artwork also supports our pet adoption website, We offer free adoption listings to help people re-home their pets without having to depend on a shelter. For local cat rescue groups I'm also happy to donate a poster to be used as part of a raffle or auction. Due to shipping costs we have to limit the total number of donations so if you are a cat rescue volunteer, send me a link to your fundraising page and I will check it out.

We can't get enough of Annie Can you? Want more? Visit her here:

Twitter : @chaosincolor


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Nancy Johnson
Nancy Johnson

July 31, 2015

Wonderful interview with Annie! I love her colorful art and have many of these prints! Each new one is my new favorite! Looking at each one just makes you smile! Thanks Annie!

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