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April 27, 2015


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Wildlife Pencil Artist Jennie Norris

This week we are spotlighting an amazing realistic wildlife artist who just happens to be a very dear friend of mine. Her name is Jennie Norris and she specializes in graphite, or “pencil drawings” to non-artist folks. She often adds accents in watercolor and dabbles in photography.

Red Tail Hawk by Jennie Norris - Graphite Drawing
"Red Tail Hawk" - Graphite Drawing


Here is a little more info about Jennie:

How long have you been creating art?

I used to draw a lot as a kid. It was my outlet, but I never thought I was very good at it. My drawings were accurate but rough, sort of sketchy. I quit for a long time when I was in my early 20's. When I went back to school to obtain my degree in Graphic Design, I took a bunch of drawing and illustration classes. I had some amazing teachers who showed me how to refine my drawing into fine art. I was so excited at this point, I couldn’t stop. I felt like I was finally really good at something.
It is empowering.

 King by Jennie Norris - Graphite drawing close up of horse
"King" - Graphite Drawing

How do animals inspire your artwork?  

Much of my work focuses on birds and other animals. I think the desert and all of its inhabitants are beautiful. Birds have become more and more a focal point in my art over the years. To me they represent freedom. I’ve had many strange encounters with birds and think my spirit animal must be a bird. I volunteered for Arizona Sonora Desert Museum’s Raptor Free Flight for 3 seasons and it changed my world. It was so inspiring to actually handle owls, ravens and hawks. I have such a different love, respect and deep admiration for birds I never would have attained any other way. I learned so much in that time and met some lifelong friends. My work schedule changed last year and I am unable to volunteer right now but, I hope to return someday or maybe next time I will try a wildlife rehab center.
Guardian Spirit by Jennie Norris - Watercolor & Pencil Drawing
"Graveside Vigil" - Watercolor & Graphite Drawing

Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?   

I have had so many amazing pets in my life and hope to have a few more. A house without pets just isn't right! I think over the years all of my dogs have been males, and I'm not sure why?? My favorite dogs over the years were Joey, Bear, Psycho, and Pepper. All were Australian shepherd mixes, again I'm not sure why?? They all had such quirky personalities, I miss them all terribly!
Western Screech Owl by Jennie Norris - Graphite drawing
"Western Screech Owl" - Graphite Drawing

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?   

I would have to say "Horse With no Name". I fell in love with this horse while photographing him. He had such a gentle nature. I think the close cropping captured the intimacy and intensity of his stare. I have this piece hanging in my house. I can't seem to part with him!
Horse With No Name by Jennie Norris - Pencil Drawing
A "Horse With No Name" - Graphite Drawing


Jennie is not only an amazing nature inspired artist, but she also has worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for the stationary & scrapbooking industry and even worked as a cake decorator. She also is a lover of skulls and music. Her pieces “Bliss of Ignorance” and “Graveside Vigil,” are a wonderful combination of her love of birds and fascination with skulls. Two of my personal favorites!


Bliss of Ignorance by Jennie Norris - Watercolor & Pencil Drawing of Bird and Flowers

"Bliss of Ignorance" - Watercolor & Graphite Drawing


Graveside Vigil by Jennie Norris - Watercolor & Pencil Drawing of Skull and Roses

"Graveside Vigil" - Watercolor & Graphite Drawing


You can find Jennie at http://www.facebook.com/artofjennienorris www.jennienorris.net


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