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May 24, 2016


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Giva Solana Captures the Soul of Pets with Painted Portraits

Giva Solana

Not too long ago, we attended the Phoenix Pet Expo. We had the pleasure of meeting self-taught artist Giva Solana, who was next to us displaying some of her pet portraits. Giva speaks a lot about capturing the beautiful souls of the pets in her portraits, and I believe she is also transferring a part of her beautiful soul into each portrait she paints. Giva has such a kind spirit and her passion for animals is contagious. 

 Joe by Giva Solana


How do animals inspire your artwork? 

Each animal has an individual personality and character. I honor and love every living being, and I love finding out, who they are. Painting animal or pet portraits allows me to deeply connect with the individual soul through their eyes, which are also called: “The windows to the soul”. Although I paint from a photograph, I can feel their Spirit and capture their very special personality through that connection. It is a very inspiring and fulfilling process. I never forget an animal, I have painted. They become well­-known friends. 


Higgins by Giva Solana

What medium do you work in? 

I work with acrylic paint. It has the flexibility of watercolor, and at the same time the glow of oil paint.



Do you own or have you owned any pets? 

Yes, I cannot even remember a time in my life without pets. I have always had a special connection to animals, and they are like family members to me. Currently I live with a cat family, whose members are getting up there in age. The youngest is about 10 years old. I have raised most of them with a bottle, when they were kittens. My 2 favorite cats, Mira and Benny crossed the rainbow bridge last year at age 18. They are with me in spirit at all times, and they inspire my artwork today. 

 Fred & Milo by Giva Solana

"Fred & Milo"

How long have you been creating art?

I have always been an artist, but I seriously started painting animal/pet portraits a couple of years ago. My friend lost her beloved pets in a house fire, and somehow I wanted to keep them “alive” for her, so I painted them. She was amazed how well I captured their characters and personalities, and she cherishes her painting.  It is really comforting to have a painted portrait of your pet, especially after they transition.  A photograph is not the same as a painting.     

 Mira by Giva Solana


What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?      

Although, I paint mostly pet portraits, I am a big fan of wildlife. I am saddened by the fact that so much wildlife is being threatened by extinction, mostly due to changes in our environment and their  habitats. My absolute favorite animal is the tiger. Tigers are majestic beings and represent power and  strength. Did you know that their roar can be heard as far as 2 miles away?  I support the tiger rescue organizations, Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Scottsdale, and  various small animal rescue groups.  

 Benny by Giva Solana


Want your own pet portrait? You can find Giva at the following locations:




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 Giva is offering 30% off all portraits during June, 2016 in honor of her birthday!

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