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Outlaw Kitty Stainless Steel Earring

Cute, but a little mischievous, out Outlaw Kitty earrings will get you noticed!

They are made of light-weight stainless steel and hang on your choice of stainless steel or titanium ear wires. Both stainless steel and titanium are nickel free and good for those with metal sensitivity. See last image for difference in appearance.

We have our earring designs cut by a local metal fabricator using a "water jet" process in which a powerful stream of water is used to cut through steel to create a very precise cut. We then clean up the charms, tumble them for a smooth finish and add ear wires to bring you these unique works of art! These are light-weight and durable!

Great for gift giving. Comes in a gift box!

CHARM SIZE: .6875"H x .875"W
Our products are not intended for children 12 years and under.

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Outlaw Kitty is copyrighted, and is a registered trademarked owned by WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear. Please do not use the name or image in any manner without prior written consent.

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