The Story of Outlaw Kritters

Outlaw Kritters are edgy gifts and jewelry for pet people and animal lovers with a wild side!

We've created a line of product that shows both the cute and mischievous side of our pets and animals we love. There are plenty of sugary sweet animal items in the market, but we wanted gifts for the pet and animal lover that were edgier and expressed all of the sides of the kritters we love.

The creators of Outlaw Kritters - husband & wife team Jon "WATTO" Watson and Mary Spencer have raised three little Outlaw Kittys from kittens. The Outlaw Kitty character is based particularly on Jon's white Persian who was very protective of Jon, and got great pleasure from torturing Mary and her black and calico kitties. Click here to read the Outlaw Kitty story.

We currently own two rescue Outlaw Doggys who fill our life's with fun, love and more than a little trouble. Our lives wouldn't be the same without them.

Animals have brought us so much joy! There are so many loving, deserving animals that need help. That's why we decided to donate a portion of our proceeds to animal charities. So when you purchase a portion of the money goes back to help the animals you love!

Jon makes most of the metal work in our workshop in Tucson, Arizona, USA using a plasma cutter. Then he grinds, welds and polishes to bring you great quality items. Mary assembles, packs, ships and answers your questions. Other items are sourced and created by local businesses using our designs. We believe in helping other small businesses flourish!

We hope you enjoy the products you find here and that they help you celebrate your own little Outlaw Kritter kids!

Outlaw Kritters is owned by WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear a division of The Metal Gardener LLC. To see our other handmade metal products please visit WATTO Distinctive Metal Wear website. To see Jon's fine art sculptures, please visit The Metal Gardener LLC.


Thanks and give the animals in your life a big hug for us!