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Jewelry for Animal Lovers with Attitude!

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Outlaw Kritter jewelry is big on attitude and purrfect for showing the world your love of animals. Whether you're a cat lover, would rather hang out with your dog, have a thing for octopus,or enjoy bird watching, we have the jewelry to fit your need. 

We have dog necklaces and cat jewelry, earrings and necklaces, and we are adding more all the time. Outlaw Kritters is perfect not only women, but guys like them too. Ever try to find men's jewelry for guys that like cats? Not easy, but Outlaw Kritter's line of Outlaw Kitty has been worn happily by many a manly cat loving man! 

So, whether you are a woman or man, cat lover or dog lover, bird enthusiast or prefer creatures of the sea, Outlaw Kritters will have you showing your love of animals in jewelry that fits your style.