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August 16, 2016


There are lots of cute, cuddly animal inspired products on the market, but Outlaw Kritters big, bold designs celebrates the cool, edgy side of animal lovers. Let's face it, our little fluffy four-footed friends, winged two-footed kids, and those kritters that swim, splash and fly, still have a wild side, so why shouldn't you!

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Illustrator Caley Hicks and Her Animated Cats

illustrator Caley Hicks

Caley shown with cat star "Lil' Bub"

Florida illustrator Caley Hicks creates whimsical, animated cats and critters. Her day job is working for Walt Disney co., but during off hours she has a flair for creating her own wonderful charcters. In her own words, she is a "Graphic designer & Illustrator working for the mouse by day and drawing cats by night." 

How do animals inspire your artwork?

I'm naturally drawn to any and all things that are considered cute. And in my eyes animals are really as cute as it gets!  It brings me so much joy find new and interesting ways to illustrate little critters (especially cats).

ReindeerCats Illustration by Caley Hicks

Reindeer Cats

What medium do you work in?

Mostly digital. I'll always start with a rough sketch by hand and then finish the piece in either Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. 

I Heart Cats Tee by Caley Hicks

I Heart Cats Tee by Caley Hicks
I Heart Cats

Do you own any pets?

Yes! I have four little kitties. Butters, Kitten McNugget, Mu and Beans. Butters is the friendliest cat I've ever known. He falls in love with everyone he meets. Kitten McNugget is a badass, tough little girl. Mu is a little ninja. She'll sneak up on you. And Beans (the youngest) is just spoiled rotten. My friends and family lovingly call me a "cat lady". I'm ok with it though. I've accepted and embraced the title.


Caley Hicks cats Butter and Bean
Butters & Bean

Artist Caley Hicks cat Mu


Artist Caley Hicks cat Nugget


How long have you been creating art?

As long as I can remember. I grew up in an extremely creative family. My mom was an artist and my dad was a musician. So being creative came pretty naturally to me.

Cat Nesting Dolls by Caley Hicks

Cat Nesting Dolls

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

My most recent piece named El Gato. I loved the idea of illustrating ornate Day of the Dead style embellishments over a sweet cat face. The perfect mixture of sweet and spooky!

El GatoTee - Illustration of Cat by Caley Hicks


El Gato - Illustration of Cat by Caley Hicks

El Gato

What are 3 of your favorite famous animal characters?

Simba (from Disney’s The Lion King
Philippe (Belle’s horse from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast)
Bagheera (from Disney’s The Jungle Book)

Otter illustration by Caley Hicks

Want to learn more about Caley? You can find her online in the following locations:

Instagram - #thechicks914
Twitter - #chicks914



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