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July 05, 2016


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Inspired by Japanese Tradition, C. B. Fraser Creates Haiku Cats

C.B. FraserThis week's featured artist, C.B. Fraser, is not only an artist, but a writer and yoga teacher as well. She combines her love of Asian art, with her creative writing skills, to create Haiku Cats. Her line of art, greeting cards, and a Haiku Cats book, depict a whimsical look at the eccentric personalities of felines and their ever so entertaining world. For those of you who have forgotten what we learned about Haiku poetry in school, we'll give you a refresher. They are a traditional form of Japanese poetry consisting of three lines where the first and last lines have five syllables and the middle line has seven. Now, let's meet C. B. and see how animals inspire her work.


How do animals inspire your artwork?

I love animals in general, but cats are my artistic muses. Felines are a perfect blend of beauty and comic relief.  Their grace and aesthetic perfection inspire my artwork, and their "cattitude" provides endless material for the haiku I write. 

Haiku Cats by C.B.Fraser


What medium do you work in?

My work is primarily collaged Asian design motifs, that are often embellished with pen and ink. 

Do you own or have you owned any pets

I have owned only three cats in my life. My first two cats were from a litter my neighbor's cat delivered on my bed one night.  Clam was a fuzzy little gray female who never met a morsel of food she didn't like. She also rarely met a human she didn't like, and would invariably pick the most cat-averse person in the room to try to win over. Her brother Huey was a rather shy black cat with the sweetest disposition ever. He would throw himself in front of the door when I was leaving, and refuse to budge. No one could hide better than my Huey. After Clam and Huey, came Kittyboy, who just followed me home one lucky day. We rescued each other. He was old and deaf with a touch of dementia, but I got to be his person for five sweet years. At present, I have no cats of my own, but am auntie to my landlord's two cats. I live in his guest house which they view as an extension of their domain.  I am their auxiliary food dispenser, and hostess to slumber parties when their dad is out of town. 

Paw by C.B.Fraser

How long have you been creating art?

Though I have no formal training in art, I have always considered myself to be a fairly creative person. For years, I have been dabbling in different mediums, and in a way, "Haiku Cats" is a synthesis of many of these different artistic explorations. This is a project that has spanned about five years, and spawned about six hundred cats, definitely giving whole new meaning to the term "Crazy Cat Lady…"


Haiku Cats Products by C.B.Fraser


If you could be any animal, what would it be?

I would be a cat, of course.  Why? So that I could possess effortless beauty, boundless grace, ignore all boundaries and nap whenever I damn well please. 


Gratitude by C.B.Fraser


What word or words describes your feelings toward animals?



I had the privilege of meeting C.B. (on left) and her business partner (designer/producer) Dolores Lusitana, at CatCon 2016 this year. I got a shot of them surrounded by Haiku Cats.


You can find more work by C.B. Fraser at her website:

Facebook: Haiku Cats 


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