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June 28, 2016


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Wildlife Painter BECKSY, Helps Rhino Conservation Through Her Paintings

artist Becksy with dog Ralph


This week's featured artist creates beautiful wildlife inspired paintings from her garden studio in the Scottish Borders. Her best buddy Ralph, a German Wire Haired Pointer. keeps her company. Besides selling prints, she also creates a line of silk scarfs which showcase her paintings. Visit her website which is listed at the end of this article to see them.

How do animals inspire your artwork?

It’s usually a stance or a look that inspires me, that captures my attention. It's not necessarily the animal itself. I can’t really explain why, I just see the image and know it’ll make a good painting.

 "Daividh" duck painting by Becksy


What medium do you work in?

I paint with Oil on canvas painted with a palette knife.

 "Nigel" by Becksy


Do you own any pets, or should I say, are you owned by any pets?

I have a cat named Ernest and a German Wire-haired Pointer called Ralph. Ernest looks at me all the time with utter disdain, and possibly contempt. Since I met my partner, I’ve been banned and David is his favourite. He’s an awesome hunter, unfortunately weasels are his specialty. Ernest will steal the food out of your mouth and is obsessed with chickpeas.


Ralph is two and does yoga in the kitchen, with his specialty being the downward dog position. He bombards us with vocal yawning every morning. He’s never really grasped that Ernest has utter contempt for him too. He quite often foils Ernest hunting attempt just for the hell of it. Sometimes he stalks us around the garden when he’s feeling frisky, and also likes to bury his head in giant pillows and make muffled pig snorts…he makes a terrible art critique.

 "Fabulous" Flamingo painting by Becksy


How long have you been creating art?

I’ve been creating art since I was a child; however I have only painted professionally since 2014 when I realized I needed to start enjoying my job. Luckily, my partner is wonderful and has supported my decision to pack in my project management career and take up drinking gin professionally while painting with a palette knife! 

"Murdo" painting of a roaring stag by Becksy


What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?

I’m working with the RZSS (Royal Zoological Society Scotland) painting Rhino which are to be auctioned for Rhino conservation.  I am doing this in memory of my father, George, who died from cancer in 2015. I’m painting all 5 species of Rhino: Greater One-Horned, Black, White, Javan and Sumatran.  


"Fairfax" painting by Becksy


What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created?

My favourite piece of art is the first Fox I painted. It just seemed to flow correctly when I painted it. There was no scratching off and starting again, and the colours worked together really well. I like its gangly legs and its naive naughty expression.


You can view more of Rebecca's work at her:

website: https://www.BECKSY.com
facebook: BECKSYdotCOM
twitter: @BECKSYdotCOM
Instagram: becksydotcom

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