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January 19, 2016


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Dream It, Draw It! Says Artist Carrie Dietrich





Carrie DietrichIf you dream it, draw it, is the motto self-taught artist Carrie Dietrich of Creations by Carrie D., who lives in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

"I fall asleep thinking about what I will create the next day and I wake up with a bounce in my step (most mornings anyway) and eager to make something new, fresh and a part of me."

Carrie is a passionate animal and art lover, so combining the two was a natural progression for her. Her whimsical creations are filled with intricate patterns created using pen and ink. Let's find out more.


 Fox Over Moon by Carrie Dietrich
 Fox Over the Moon

What medium do you work in?

I mainly work in pen and ink. I have clay at hand, but until we are equipped with a kiln and adequate workspace, I have chosen to only dabble here and there. I am about to start carving. I have wanted to do it for quite a while now and with my youngest now in school, I am more compelled to take time to start.


Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

We have owned 5 cats and 3 dogs. I am 39 and I have already lost my first pets and a few thereafter. It is heart-wrenching to know that there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Their time with us is long enough for us to not be able to imagine life without them, and then we have no choice. I cried for each and ached for them to be back. My children have learned about death through this loss.

My first pet, as an adult, was a Calico named Daphney. When I turned 18 a friend took me to a farm where he knew they had kittens and I saw her sitting up on a stall door, both eyes nearly crusted shut with infection. She was the one. I had 12 happy years with her and 1 year of sickness and denial about her illness. She was my lesson on putting their suffering ahead of ours. Next was Sky, a Siamese mixed with Egyptian Mau. Then came Chloe a Manx who the ASPCA couldn’t afford to treat anymore and we happened to be there that day. She was healthy within 2 weeks! It was a relief. Then was Willow, a family member said that her dog was terrorizing the kitten and they had been keeping her in a spare bedroom; so we added her to our family.

My first puppy love was a Husky named Sarah. We had companions for all and then some. At one point, we had 4 cats: Daphney, Chloe, Sky and Willow and 2 dogs: Sarah and Owen. We took in a stray older cat, Roxas (a snowshoe Siamese who no one claimed, thank God, he was a love and boy did we fall in love with him). When we took Roxas in, we learned it can be hard to introduce two adult cats. Willow who had been the matriarch for quite a while at that point and Roxas,the oldie but newbie, ended up being tolerant of each other. I think they eventually realized that while they weren’t crazy about each other they knew they were the only cats in the house.

We now have one pet. It seems strange to have just one. She is a dog named Libby (we call her any word we can put lib in front of, so she is called (and responds to) Liberace, Liberty, Libertine, Libya, LibLib, Libpotatoe, Liberator, Libpots, etc…) who is 6. We adopted her from the ASPCA in May after Owen had to be put down due to sudden and untreatable illness. She is the first smaller dog we’ve had at 30 lbs. She is a wire hair terrier/schnauzer mix. She is such a spunky punk. She has a tall white Mohawk and is full of herself. We have had her for 8 months and our only regret is that we couldn’t have had her from the start of her life. She’s a gem!

Bison by Carrie Dietrich

Polar Bear

How long have you been creating art?

I have been creating art as far back as my memory will go. I remember being fascinated by making things. I remember always being so interested art. I always kept an interest even when I wasn’t creating art. I remember when I was five cutting out two pineapples from golden construction paper, sewing them together with yarn and stuffing it full of cotton balls. I remember buying myself this awesome set of markers for Christmas and putting from Santa on it (no one said a word!) When I was in 4th grade we moved to the United States from Germany (we were over there as civilians since my father was a government employee, not military), I entered a contest at JC Penny department store. The contest was to draw a poster for Spring. I drew a bunny full of flowers. I remember being so embarrassed that I won.  

As a teen, friends would ask me to draw things for them and I always thought it was weird that they didn’t want to draw it for themselves. I always kept in touch with that interest, even if barely, it was there.

As an adult, art was on my mind so much. I pushed myself to keep practicing. Eventually the movement of putting yourself and your work online started, and I was able to try that out at my own pace. Etsy was/is a great platform for me to do this.Three Friends in a Canoe by Carrie Dietrich

Three Friends in a Canoe

"I love to draw from my mind more than what I see."

What words describes your feelings toward animals?

Respect and protection. I feel, in our world today, their importance to our earth is being overlooked and replaced with meaningless garbage. That our dedication to their existence has fallen short for so long that we are seeing them disappear. I find this unacceptable and devastating. The funds that are squandered on meaningless things, things that will end up in the great landfill, that fill no long term need, are resources that aren’t being used to educate people about the welfare of our animals, preserve space and health of the animals that are slowly slipping away. It breaks my heart.

Felicia by Carrie Dietrich #barnowl


How do animals inspire your artwork?

I have always been drawn to animals. Growing up, I couldn’t stay away. I remember getting scolded for being late because, when walking home from school, I saw puppies and couldn’t walk away, stopped to watch a chipmunk with full cheeks, or ducks swimming. As an adult, I am still drawn to them. The ones I cannot witness in their natural habitat, I seek out online or in books. They are so fascinating – all of them!                       

Bison by Carrie Dietrich


Want to connect with Carrie? You can find her here:



Instagram #CreationsbyCarried


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