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December 01, 2015


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An Abundance of Southwest Colors Come to Life in the Art of Robin West

Robin West self portraitThis week’s interview comes from artist Robin Westenhiser (The Art of Robin West) who draws her inspiration not only from animals, but also from her love of the foods, colors and traditions of Mexico which is close by since she lives in Tucson, Arizona. Her art dances with vibrant rich colors which make me smile and want to dance. Let us know how her art makes you feel by commenting below.

  The Flower Eater by Robin West 

The Flower Eater

How do animals inspire your artwork?

I am lucky to live in the Catalina foothills of Tucson surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. We have regular visits from Javelina that bring their babies, coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, squirrels, birds of all kinds, a resident hawk and the best owls!  We hung an owl house 6 years ago and immediately one moved in and continues to live in it. She's a screech owl and has 3 babies every June. So much fun to watch!

Waiting for the Monsoon by Robin West

Waiting for the Monsoon

What medium do you work in?

I use acrylic paints on canvas, but lately have been experimenting with acrylic inks on top.

My Painted Desert by Robin West

My Painted Desert

Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

My current pet is a 9 year old Australian Shepherd named Ozzie, the devil with a blue eye.  He is a piece of work, constantly on the go, can't imagine life without him! He brings so much joy. I've had a dog in my life since I was 8 years old, the cutest dachshund puppy wrapped up under the Christmas tree. I've also had a number of birds in my life, parakeets and an ornery Amazon Parrot that only liked me!  


Lucky 13 by Robin West

Lucky 13

How long have you been creating art?

I have been creating art since I was a kid. High school art teachers really motivated me to pursue art in college.  I received my  BFA in art education and spent many years teaching high school art.  About 10 years ago I decided to begin painting again and am so happy I did.  

Magic Happens Here by Robin West

Magic Happens Here

What is your favorite famous animal character (i.e. Mickey Mouse, Lassie, or Toto?)

My favorite animal character of all time is Jiminy cricket whose motto is "always let your conscience be your guide", great words of wisdom from a cricket! Love when he sings “When You Wish Upon A Star!”

Hootie and the Owlets by Robin West

Hootie and the Owlets

What charities or animal welfare groups are you involved with?

My husband and I support the Southern Arizona Humane Society; they work so hard for the welfare of animals in our city.

Like a Fish Out of Water

Like a Fish Out of Water

Any last words?

Finally, I just love to paint! I am inspired by my love of nature, my beautiful surroundings, the colors of Mexico, and the need to create!     

Hummer by Robin West



Need more color in your life?
Visit: The Art of Robin West Fine Art America

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4 Responses


December 02, 2015


Luci Buckner
Luci Buckner

December 02, 2015

Your paintings make me so happy. I love your work. Thanks for making it for all the world to see!!!!!!

Bruce Diamond
Bruce Diamond

December 02, 2015

I love Robins work . The colors she chooses and her stylings bring out the best life offers .

Pat Marafiote
Pat Marafiote

December 01, 2015

Robin’s work is outstanding! Her colors are rich and explosive and her sense of imagination is powerful. A good artist takes us to a unique place that bears the artist’s distinctive and personal fingerprint. Robin’s work definitely has those characteristics!

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