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September 27, 2015


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Claire Chambers of Chickenpants Studio Gives Quilting & Embroidery A New Twist

Claire Chambers


I'm constantly thrilled to find so many artists depicting animals in such a wide variety of creative ways. This week we present you with Claire Chambers of Chickenpants Studio. She takes a traditional craft of embroidery and quilting and turns it into a new fresh art form all while honoring animals in the process. Let's meet Claire...

How do animals inspire your artwork?

I love animals, especially dogs. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I am obsessed with dogs. I always have my radar up for dogs, and the most memorable parts of walks and travels are always the dogs I got to meet or see. Dogs and chickens and bunnies are my three big favorites, and it’s natural to me that my creative work revolves around them.

Tiny Bunny Embroidery by Claire Chambers

What medium do you work in (watercolor, acrylic, digital, pottery, photography etc.)?

I work in fabric, embroidery and ink.

Pug French Bull Sketches

How long have you been creating art?

Oh, forever. I’ve been creating things and drawing books since I was a little kid. About 8 years ago, I started selling my work, with the Chickenpants plush art dolls, which eventually turned into a love of cotton fabrics, which lead to art quilts and fabric art.

Patchwork Pug by Claire Chambers

Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

Currently, my only pet is a bright blue Betta fish named George. In the past, I’ve owned Pugs, bunnies, Sulcata was great! One pug in particular, Topanga, was my muse for years.

pomeranian-art quilt by Claire Chambers

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

I tend to fall in love with whatever the most recent thing I’ve made is. But, one piece that stands out in particular is an art quilt I made of Topanga to help me process the grief of her death, and to celebrate and remember her life. It helped! :)   

Pug Portrait Art Quilt by Claire Chambers

Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

I’m considering opening up slots for custom pet portraits, hopefully by November of this year. I’d really like to create personal animal art for people.

So, if you want a portrait contact Claire and get on her wait list now before she fills up. How awesome would it be to have your own little kiddo honored on a quilt?

You can find her at:




Instagram @Chickenpants "I spend way too much time talking to other animal lovers on Instagram."


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