September 21, 2015


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Megan Lynn Kott - Painter of Animals

There were so many wonderful artists at CatCon LA this year. We are so excited to be sharing some of their stories on our blog. Here is another artist who attended the show. We just love her cheeky humor and whimsical style. We are happy to introduce Megan Lynn Kott.


       Megan Lynn Kott

     Cattoos Temporary Tattoos by Megan Lynn Kott

How do animals inspire your artwork?

ALL OF THEM.  I absolutely love animals.  I work in the realm of cats a lot - but I don't consider myself a cat-person - I consider myself an-animals person.

Freckles by Megan Lynn Kott

What medium do you work in (watercolor, acrylic, digital, pottery, photography etc.)?

Watercolor mostly - but I also use brush pens.

Oh Gawd! Cat illustration by Megan Lynn Kott

How long have you been creating art?

My mom used to tape pieces of paper to my high-chair when I was a baby - so 33 years ;-)

High Five Oh Gawd! by Megan Lynn Kott


Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

Griffin - is my baby.  He's a ginger, long-haired tabby cat.  He has a lot of personality and does not think himself to be a cat - I think he thinks we're related because we have the same color fur.  He loves his armpits to be scratched, but don't be fooled into petting his tummy as he will promptly bite you.

 Megan Lynn Kott's Cat Griffen

Davos - is my giant cat.  He's extremely long & tall - probably part greyhound ;-)  He is very anxious about food and eats like a stray.  He loves to butt us with his head when he wants attention, and we bought him a fuzzy blanket which he carries around in his mouth.  He is the king cat of the household.

Damn Gurl!!! by Megan Lynn Kott's

Thessaly - is our accidental cat.  We found her across the street from our house crying under a building.  She was 5 lbs. fully grown when we found her with pretty bad abscesses from fighting.  Now she's 11 lbs.  She is our only lap cat and loves chin skritches.  In the winter she will come up to me while I'm in bed and poke me with her paw, that's how I know it's time to peal back to covers for her to crawl underneath them.  She curls up next to my knees & sleeps like that all night.  I think she feels safe there.

the dream of a 1000 by Megan Lynn Kott's

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

Ah geez.  It's probably the painting I did of Griffin a while ago that says "If You Died I'd Wait 24 Hours Before Eating You...Maybe."  I try and couple all of my animal portraits with funny phrases and that one coupled with Griffin's sweet head-tilt & expression turned out pretty perfectly.

cat illustration by Megan Lynn Kott

Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

Yes!  My husband Justin DeVine & I painted one of the murals at America's First Cat Cafe: Cat Town Cafe in Oakland California.  I loved working with them!  My book release for Cattoos! will be held there this October - if any of you are local, you should check it out!  Also - I LOVE to paint pet portraits, from chickens to green-cheeked parakeets - it's so fun to see the animals people spend their lives with.

cat painting by Megan Lynn Kott

My husband is an amazing artist - we did a series of paintings together called Chimera where he painted half of an animal - and I painted the other half of a completely different animal.  The combinations are adorable, frightening, and totally cool.

Megan Kott & Justin DeVine

Megan Kott & Justin DeVine

Megan Kott & Justin DeVine

We're sure you'll want to see more or Megan's work, so here's how you can find her: is my sketchbook and where I usually publish work initially.  You can also find me on Inprnt & Shopify.  I also have a book of temporary cat tattoos coming out this Fall through Chronicle Books.  That will be sold through their website, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, & Mod Cloth (among others).


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