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June 11, 2015


Outlaw Kritters big, bold designs celebrates the cool, sometimes mischievous side of the animal we love.

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CatCon LA 2015 Art Inspired by Cats

We just got back a few days ago from one of the craziest shows we've ever done. It was an event specifically aimed at cat lovers called CatCon LA held at the Reef convention center in downtown LA. Over 12,000 cat enthusiasts showed up to celebrate their love of cats at this first ever event for cat people.

Unlike other pet expos we've attended in the past, this event was more about cat people and makers and artists who create goodies for cats and cat lovers rather than big box off the shelf items. There were plenty of unusual items for pampered felines such as this cool treadmill for cats by One Fast Cat, but there were also many items geared to cat lovers. A plethora of art, jewelry and knickknacks all with kitty themes.

We got there early and were one of the first to get our stuff carted in. This was our first time to focus on "Outlaw Kitty" only, however we did bring along some of the Outlaw Kritters gang for moral support. Even cat lovers sometimes veer off track when they spot a cool owl or octopus.

Here's our booth. Jon made really cool shelving out of corrugated metal panels and a monster Outlaw Kitty sign out of foam.

Our neighbors "The Crazy Cat Lady Ceramics" drove all the way from Vermont! I think they said it took them 6 days. They make "Traditional Handmade Ceramics with a Modern Touch." Here's a sneak peak at what they create. They've agreed to do an artist's interview so keep your eye out for it in the coming months.


There were lots of artist depicting cats in all forms from sculpture to painting. I hope to get some interviews with many of them. One artist in particular that I love is Jeff Haynie . His artwork was so detailed and magical. I can't wait to interview him!

We also saw lots of people dressed in cat ears, face paint and costumes. Here are a few of our favorites. Jon was featured in this post on Mashable "The fiercest feline-inspired fashion at CatCon LA" 

Keith Bowers of Catster Magazine popped in to say hi. He wrote a nice article on us several years ago so it was fun to finally meet him in person. We were also so honored to be in his recap of the show on Catster.

Cat star Lil Bub and Simon Tofield creator of Simon's Cat were there along with a list of speakers from the cat world. The lines to hear the speakers wound around the venue and overflow areas had to be set up.

There was a cat adoption area and so many of the cats found forever homes. It makes me tear up just to think about all those kitties in their new homes.

Of course the best part was meeting all our new and old friends. Here are a few pictures of them in our gear.

Special thanks to the following artists for coming together to create our really fun Cat Lover's Sweepstakes. We gave out all 500 entry forms that we brought. The winner was Teri Bartel.



Please visit our fellow prize contributors and check out their cat goodies.

cat lovers sweepstakes

Feline Yogi, Chaos in Color, Wuvluv, Polydactyl , Xenotees

We weren't able to get away to take many pictures, but this YouTube video made by MsRandomnotes1  does a great job of giving you an overview of the exhibitors there.


Another great blog post to read is from our new friend at Behind the Scenes at Stuart NG Books.

Thank you to the following for mentions and sightings of Outlaw Kitty as seen at CatCon which can be found here:

 This was truly an event where the ART was INSPIRED by CATS!



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