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May 31, 2015


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Dave Borba - Mixed Media Artist Inspired by Animals

Dave Borba is this week’s featured artist. We met Dave while he was in Tucson at the same art show we were showing at. Both Jon and I were enamored with his work and very inspired. Wait until you see it and you’ll know why. His work is beautifully detailed, tells a story and is KINETIC (moveable)! Wow, we had never seen anything like it before. To top it off, Dave is such a genuine and gentle soul, an all around great guy, and such a pleasure to know. Without further adieu, let’s meet Dave.

Francis & Harriet by Dave Borba

"Francis & Harriet"
A crank on the side (not shown) allows the mouths to open and close. The characters are
3 dimensional sticking out from the background scenery.


How do animals inspire your artwork?

Animals inspire me in many ways. I find inspiration in their spirit, beauty, honesty, and intuition. I also enjoy exploring human themes using animals as caricatures.

Raven by Dave Borba 

Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

(I usually ask this last, but it is such an integral part of Dave' work, thought you needed to know about it now.)

I like to break the rules and invite people to touch my art… Most of my work is interactive kinetic art with levers or cranks that activate parts of my sculptures that move.

Small Tail's Tall Tale by Dave Borba

"Small Tail's Tall Tale"
3-D image with moveable mouth

What medium do you work in (watercolor, acrylic, digital, pottery, photography etc.)?

I like to keep things interesting with a little bit of everything. I’m a mixed-media artist, at times using wood, metal, fabric, paper, and resin all in one piece.


How long have you been creating art?

I’ve been getting my fingers messy with art ever since I was a wee pup, for as long as I can remember.

Harmony in the Meadow by Dave Borba

Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

At any given moment you may find a jar or two some kind of bug in them at my house and my two most faithful companions, Shilo and CC The Monkey Puppy. Shilo is a 14-year old female pointer mix, and CC is crazy little 6-year old Caribbean island mutt I rescued while traveling in Belize and brought home.

AyeChihuahua by Dave Borba


What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

“Flight of the Wounded Bird” has been a favorite of mine for the last few years. It’s a sculpture of a little bird with a broken wing that built a flight machine to continue its journey. It’s my favorite because it was the most challenging piece I’ve completed to date and I relate to its theme of perseverance.

Flight of the Wounded Bird by Dave BorbaTo see Dave's creation in flight, click here to checkout the amazing video he made of the process and the competed works.


To find out more about Dave, visit him at:


 Psst, I'll let you in on a secret... Dave's Instagram account is really fun as you can see what he is working on daily.

 If you have a poem, artwork, song, photo or other creative animal inspired art  that you have created and would like to share on our blog,
please email to Mary@outlawkritters.com

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