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May 17, 2015


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Kenneth Shaw- Tattoos Inspired by Animals

This week we feature tattoo artist Kenneth Shaw. We met Kenneth several years ago at a tattoo convention in Tucson, AZ. We were vending neighbors and quickly became friends. Kenneth started his own tattoo business in Tempe, AZ called Next Wave Tattoo and Piercing in his early 20’s and has been going strong ever since. We are thrilled to share his work with you. He is a huge animal lover which can be seen in much of his personal work. So, let’s meet Kenneth…

 Owl in Suit by Kennth Shaw of Next Wave Tattoos

How do animals inspire your artwork?

I like seeing the small details and being able to add those to other pieces of my work. Kenneth often mixes animals with humans as seen in “Tiger Girl.”

 Tiger Girl by Kenneth Shaw of Next Wave Tattoos

Which medium do you work in (watercolor, acrylic, digital, pottery, photography etc.)?

The main medium I work in is tattooing. I also paint with oils and acrylics and draw with graphite and charcoal. Graphite is my favorite medium to work with since I've done that the longest then tattooing since I do that the most. I don't get to paint as much as I would like to because of how busy tattooing keeps me. 

 Owl in Oil by Kenneth Shaw of Next Wave Tattoo

How long have you been creating art?

I've been drawing ever since I can remember. I was the type of kid that would draw during school and all over my papers. When I would get home from school I would draw before I went out to play and would draw before bed.

 Snake Girl by Kenneth Shaw of Next Wave Tattoo

Do you own or have you owned any pets and if so, tell us about them?

I own an 8 year old pit bull named Belle. She is the sweetest dog and constantly wants to play and have her belly rubbed. I also own three Chihuahuas named Honey, Leviticus or Levi for short and Roxy. Levi and Honey are brother and sister and they have a daughter named Roxy. Honey wants to be pet all the time and is always in your face looking for attention. Levi, who is quick tempered, is more of a loner and likes to keep to himself. Roxy is the perfect mix between them from her physical color to her personality.

 Fox Girl by Kenneth Shaw of Next Wave Tattoos

What is your favorite piece of artwork you’ve created and why?

I work in so many different mediums it’s hard for me to pick a favorite piece. I like them all and they all have an emotional and sentimental connection with me. That’s why it’s very rare I sell my original art.

Anything else you would like us to know about your artwork or yourself?

When I'm not working on art I'm spending time with my son. We do everything together. He is a mini me. Everything I'm into, he is into. It’s pretty amazing.


Looking for a tattoo or just want to see more of Kenny’s work? You can find him here:

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