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June 21, 2015


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Jeanne Knapp – Animal Art Décor – Hand Painted Rocks

Etsy, an online market for makers, vintage and craft suppliers, is full of many unique and wonderful artists. This week we spotlight Etsy artist Jeanne Knapp who creates beautiful, realistic 3-D animals by painting on rocks and stones. She uses outdoor acrylic paint to hand paint each rock with great detail, then seals them with a protective sealant.

Cat by Jeanne Knapp- handpainted on rocks


Jeanne and her new friend during a trip to southern France.

 Fox hand painted on rock by Jeanne Knapp

“My passion for animals inspires me to bring my art to life.”

owl hand painted stone by Jeanne Knapp

“Taking a simple stone and transforming into a

life like animal, is very rewarding to me.”


In her Etsy shop, Jeanne showcases hand painted rocks, ornaments and custom pendants. “Etsy provides an outlet for me to sell my handmade art, hoping they find a good home. I especially appreciate the help Etsy provides for shop owners and buyers,” says Knapp.

Raccoon ornament hand painted by Jeanne Knapp

Jeanne and her husband live with their 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 horses, 1 bird and 1 turtle in Winters, CA.Dog by Jeanne Knap - hand painted on stone

To see more of her work, visit her Etsy shop Animal Art Décor at:


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