March 03, 2015


Outlaw Kritters big, bold designs celebrates the cool, sometimes mischievous side of the animal we love.

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The Story of Outlaw Kitty

Otlaw Kitty

I bet you’re wondering how the Outlaw Kitty was created. Well, I’ll tell you. It was Me, ME…MEEEEEE. I inspired this whole thing and don’t let any of those other felines tell you otherwise!

My name is CC (A.K.A- Crazy Cat) and I’m going to tell you how it all began.

white persian original outlaw kitty

I was rescued me from the shelter. No one knows how old I was, but boy was I handsome! Look at me!  I mean, who couldn’t resist this exquisite face, or my gorgeous snow white locks. I’m a  purebred cat, you know? All right, so I don’t have papers to prove it, but if someone is rude enough to dump me at a shelter do you really think they are going to send along my pedigree papers? I was lucky just to be alive.

I admit, although I’m simply irresistible, I am a bit of a rebel. I had a weakness for catnip. I couldn’t lay off the stuff. It really gave me the best high. Dad (Jon WATTO Watson) didn’t help matters much.  He would laugh and laugh as I went nuts for the stuff, rolling around, sniffing and snorting it up, then running around in circles and finally laying out flat on my back, belly in the air, exhausted in a brilliant delirium. Ah, those were the days!

 white persian

white persian cat

In the early days before she (Mary Spencer) came along, it was just Dad and me. Two bachelors living the good life! While he went off to his graphic design/advertising job in the big city of Atlanta, I took catnaps in the warm southern sun. Other times, I took an adventure exploring the deep mysteries behind the big white box Dad called the Fridge.  My favorite things to do were catch bugs and torture them, batting them back and forth. Oh what fun!  Occasionally, I’d do something special for Dad like make a game of hide and seek for him to play when he got home. Just little things like money or keys. It was fun to see him pace around muttering to himself that he swore he left them on the table. Then , he’d  race around searching and saying words I didn’t recognize, but I’m sure he was pleased. Once in awhile I’d create a special challenge for him by breaking one of the bowls he made in glass blowing class. Just a swift paw action and it would fall to the floor. I liked the sound it made when it broken into a zillion pieces.

Dad made sure I led the life of luxury and kept me beautiful by taking me to the spa every two weeks at VIP (Vinings Important Pets) in Vinings, GA. Colleen worked her magic to make me handsome and treated me like a king. I’d strut my stuff around the apartment when I got home just to let Dad know I appreciated the VIP treatment! 

white persian cat

I didn’t really like it when Dad had girls over. He was my human after all. Then he met her (Mary) and everything changed. They moved me to the desert and I was forced to live with her two cats Zazzel and Sydney. Neither were purebred.  Sydney was ok, he was a big black Bombay mix of sorts. He mostly kept to himself. He was a little slow , in the head, if you know what I mean.  Zazzel was an American Tabby mix. She was a pistol. I loved to torture her by chasing her around the house. She was so afraid of me. HA! I showed her who was boss of the house!cats


We moved to Tucson, AZ and one day Dad and that woman, brought home two puppies who they named Nipper and Tucker. They annoyed me. For the most part we just kept out of eachother’s way, but on occasion they would chase me and I’d have to go hide under the bed.

 hound puppy mix

lab puppy mix

I lived a good, happy, long life and finally passed away in 2006. Dad cried. His best buddy gone. So, to keep me alive, he created Outlaw Kitty. And, folks, that’s how it all began!




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